We are located just down the road from Pacific Crest Trail, one of the most famous hiking trails in the world. A modern gym set in the majestic beauty of the Mountain Communities of Lake Arrowhead. Sports and training take on spiritual meaning here in the high altitude of the mountains, the scent of the pines and fresh air in the alpine forest and 4 seasons of Southern California. Our fitness takes a cue from the nature that surrounds our facilities.

Bullworx Fitness was founded in 2011 by athlete and martial arts professor Tommy Bull and his wife Robin Bull, an international business, luxury branding and fashion industry executive. Tommy’s lifelong passion for fitness set the concept in motion. Tommy created his ideal training center, a place where he wanted to work out every day.

Tommy’s training philosophy is rooted in the martial arts: Dynamic Tension© (integrating your body’s own resistance) and training for everyday, functional movement.

Since its founding, Bullworx Fitness is a rich source of life inspiration, connections and camaraderie for members and visitors alike. Fitness for everyone, customized to suit the wellness story you wish to create.

People are inspired to reach their goals at Bullworx … body building, weight loss, flexibility, blood pressure control, circulation, building athletic stamina, improving balance and daily movement.

There’s a fitness story ever-evolving at Bullworx and everyone who comes here is part of it. Bullworx Fitness is an organic collection of inspirational stories of people who’ve used the power of fitness to triumph over life crises, win battle over illness, and take control of their health and well being. This is the story of Bullworx Fitness.


Tommy Bull is a Hall of Fame martial arts professor, fluent in 28 different styles of Kung-Fu including his main style Wa-Lu. A child prodigy, Tommy had black belts in two different styles of martial arts by the time he was 9 years old. Tommy is a retired 9-time world champion Kick Boxer, 86-times undefeated in the ring (ESPN).

Searching for the most effective way to maintain flexibility through life, Tommy invented exercise equipment to– stretch, work abs and tone –all at the same time. He was granted a US Patent for his innovative work.

These days Tommy focuses his energy on film-making. An accomplished action film director, he’s putting frames and scenes in motion and getting his work outs during intense fight and action scene choreography for motion pictures.